Steven Haines
Steven shortly before his death in The Omen (2006).
Portrayed By:



Unspecified (Mid 40s - Mid 50s)


Known Relatives:

Steven Haines was an American diplomat and old friends with the Thorns. He was killed in a car accident.


The Omen (2006)Edit

When Steven is appointed US Ambassador to Great Britain, he appoints his old friend Robert Thorn as Deputy Ambassador. On the way to London, Steven's limousine is caught in a traffic jam in Italy.

At 6:06, on the sixth second, gasoline from a runaway truck pours onto Steven's limo and comes into contact with a discarded cigarette; setting the gasoline alight and blowing up Steven's limo before he can get out.


  • The moment when the accident that killed Steven happened was 6:06, at the sixth second; this time constitutes the Number of the Beast, 666.


Katherine ThornEdit

Steven and Kate apparently got along very well and were good friends.

Robert ThornEdit

Robert and Steven were apparently old friends, and Robert was left upset for months after Steven's death; even blaming himself for it.

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