Ave Satani (mentioned)

Archangel (formerly)

Damien Thorn
Ann Rutledge

Archangels (especially Michael)



Known Relatives:
God (father/creator)
Archangels (brothers)
Seraphim (siblings)
Cherubim (siblings)
Angels (siblings)
Damien Thorn (son)

Lucifer, also known as the Devil, Satan or the Morningstar, is the father of Damien Thorn. He is regarded as a malevolent figure by Christians. Out of pride, Lucifer rebelled against his Father, God, being cast out of Heaven and into Hell as a result. As such, he is the very first fallen angel, and the only fallen Archangel.

Supernatural Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Archangelic/Diabolical Nature [Virtual Omnipotence]: Lucifer is regarded as among the most powerful of all angelic beings and thus among the most powerful beings in Creation overall, on par with his fellow Archangels, and surpassed only by his Father and Creator, God.
    • Immortality: Lucifer was present at fiat lux.
    • Supernatural Strength: Should he manifest in a body, Lucifer would possess superhuman feats of physical strength equal to that of many men.
    • Enlightened Wisdom: Lucifer is impalpably intelligent, possessing knowledge beyond the scope of what is humanly possible as well as a total comprehension of the Universe and humanity as he was present for the creation of both and has watched carefully as the world has changed and humanity with it.
    • Plague Summoning: Lucifer is able to instantly create deadly viruses.
    • Resurrection: Lucifer is able to resurrect the deceased.
    • Diabolical Causality: Despite being an Archangel, Lucifer has a rather diabolic personality, acting in very malevolent and unorthodox ways.
    • Telekinesis: Lucifer is able to move objects with his mind.

Abilities Edit

  • Master Manipulator:
    • Limitless Worldly Resources: Lucifer is able to use all of the circumstances surrounding him to his benefit, manipulating his target into succumbing to his desire.

Vulnerabilities Edit

Currently, Archangels seem to have no vulnerabilities.

Appearances Edit

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