Josephine "Jo" Thueson
Jo discussing Delia in Omen IV: The Awakening.
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Unspecified (Late 20s - Mid 40s)


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Josephine "Jo" Thueson was Delia York's original nanny. She was killed by Ryder.


Omen IV: The AwakeningEdit

Jo is hired as a nanny for Delia York. When Delia reacts with anger and fear at the sight of Jo's mystic books and healing crystals, and when Delia's presence causes Jo's healing crystals to turn black, Jo goes to Noah about this. Jo decides to take Delia to a psychic fair, where other psychics can see Delia's aura.

At the fair, Noah takes a kirlian photograph of Jo and Delia, which shows Delia's aura as powerful, dark and infectious. The fair then catches fire and burns down. Determined to get through to Delia, Jo meditates with her to find out why Delia is so full of negative energy.

When Delia realizes what Jo is up to, she partially blinds her by spitting in her eye, and sets Ryder on her. Ryder pushes Jo out of a window, and Jo lands on the roundabout outside and is killed.


Delia YorkEdit

Jo was determined to get through to Delia, and to find out why she was so full of negative energy.


When Jo and Noah discovered Delia's dark aura, they began to argue over whether Delia was dangerous or was just a little girl in distress.