Jerome Creighton
Portrayed By:



8 approx


Known Relatives:
Morris Creighton (father; deceased)
Lily Creighton (mother)

Jerome Creighton is a bully at Delia York's school.


Jerome goes to the same school as Delia York, and bullied her numerous times. According to Delia, Jerome stuck gum in her hair on her first day of school (though she may have been lying about this).

Omen IV: The AwakeningEdit

When Delia starts a rumour among the other children that climbing a high ladder outside the school will result in whoever does so getting a wish granted, Jerome steals Delia's lunchbox and destroys her lunch. Delia violently retaliates by biting Jerome's hand and hitting him with her lunchbox.

The next day, Delia lures Jerome onto the high ladder outside the school by stealing his watch, and Jerome goes rigid and wets himself on the ladder due to his fear of heights. It is unknown how the death of Jerome's father Morris later that day affected him.


Delia YorkEdit

Jerome frequently bullied Delia, sometimes unprovokedly. She usually responded to this with violence.