Jake Millican
Portrayed By:



Unspecified (Late 30s - Late 40s)


Known Relatives:

Jake Millican was an old friend of Gene York, a member of the Citizen's Action Committee and a secret Satanist.


Omen IV: The AwakeningEdit

Following the political downfall of Graham Resnick, Jake convinces Gene to run for Congressman in the following election. Gene accepts this offer and becomes Congressman.

Over the years, Jake's close links to Congressman Gene and the power this gave Jake access to corrupted the latter, and caused him to turn away from his fellow Satanists and try to use Gene's power for himself. However, Gene notices over the years that Jake has become greedy and corrupt, and the two fall out.

According to Louis Hastings, Jake rejoined the disciples of Hell at some point after this.


Eugene YorkEdit

Gene and Millican were initially good friends, but when Gene's powerful position as Congressman caused Millican to begin to become greedy, Gene noticed this and began to argue with Millican over the latter's corrupt decisions and influence.

Graham ResnickEdit

Jake regarded Resnick as "a crook and a whoremonger."

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