Dr. David Pasarian
Pasarian in Paul Buher's office in Damien - Omen II.
Portrayed By:



Unspecified (Early 40s - Early 50s)


Known Relatives:

Dr. David Pasarian was a Thorn Industries scientist. He died of chemical poisoning at a chemical plant.


Damien - Omen IIEdit

Pasarian was a scientist working for Thorn Industries at the chemical plant and in crops. He also admitted that he agrees with Paul Buher's agriculture project.

When Richard leaves Paul temporarily in charge of Thorn Industries, Paul sends Pasarian to India to propose the purchase of land there to Thorn Industries. When several farmers who refuse to sell their land are mysteriously murdered, Pasarian returns to Chicago to inform Richard.

Whn he is unable to reach Richard, Pasarian goes to Paul with the news of the murders instead. Paul decides to look into it, and orders Pasarian to examine a fault in the chemical plant's P84 unit the next morning.


Pasarian's death.

The morning after, Pasarian examines the chemical plant's P84 unit, but during the examining, the machinery breaks down and refuses to shut off; causing toxic fumes to escape the unit. Pasarian tries to escape the fumes, but dies of chemical poisoning before he can.


Paul BuherEdit

Pasarian admitted that personally, he agreed with Paul's agriculture project.

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