Brother Benito
Benito watching TV in The Final Conflict.
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Unspecified (Late 20s - Early 40s)


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Brother Benito was part of a group of priests from Subiaco who attempted to kill Damien Thorn.


Benito is one of six priests under Father De Carlo at the Monastery of San Benedetto in Subiaco.

The Final ConflictEdit

When the Daggers of Megiddo arrive at the Monastery of San Benedetto, De Carlo divides them amongst himself and his six fellow priests, including Benito. The group then travel to England to try and kill Damien in order to ensure the Second Coming of Christ.

The seven priests station themselves at a night refuge. When Benito sees on TV that Damien will be interviewed one evening on The World in Focus, he decides that that is how he will strike Damien off-guard.

Benito travels to the set of The World in Focus, posing as one of the crew, and climbs up onto the stage's scaffolding to drop his Dagger down at Damien from there. But before Benito has the chance, he falls and gets caught in a plastic sheet, which in turn passes through a fire; burning the trapped Benito alive.